Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Every good comedian needs a good introduction.


I got this so everyone in the world will drop what they're doing and pay attention to MY thoughts and MY feelings and MY opinions because THEY'RE JUST SO IMPORTANT.

No I'm just kidding I did this because I'm narcissistic. So let's talk about me. My name is Alli and I'm a middle class suburbanite. Yeah, already my opinions don't matter, I know. Um, I'm part Native American and I like high fives and taking pictures where everyone is jumping. EVERYONE.

I just graduated from high school (opinions that matter level is now at 20 percent) and I'm like not even working or going to college because I'm lazy. I was in a comedy troupe for two years called Giggles n Bits and that was cool. So I'm funny sometimes?

When I DO have a future, it'll be drawing and cartooning and stuff because I'm pretty good at that.

So how about this crazy name I picked for my blog? Yeah you didn't even notice it did you. Well, it comes from a sketch I did two years ago in Giggles, that made fun of those ridiculous anti-drug campaigns that tried to appeal to teenagers. Our stats were stuff like "Troof: 100% of people who die due to smoking, die from smoking related causes. TROOF."

And so here is some troof about people and life that is so obvious yet told to you in clever ways on the internet. TROOF.

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  1. So I just want to say a couple things: First, welcome to Blogger/Blogspot. I have a blog on here, but it's old and I never update it.

    Second, awesome blog but your background might be kind of annoying... With the blue lines making it hard to read and stuff. Just sayin'.